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Sign Me Up! is a series of upscale social events created to display people's talents and gifts through their zodiac signs. @TheSpot will host exclusive themed parties for birth signs every other month for a limited amount of people. Guests for this month's event will receive first invites for our next event as appreciation for celebrating with us!


On January 30th, we will kick off Sign Me Up! with the hottest, most talented Capricorn & Aquarius IN THE CITY by celebrating their birthdays! 

Guests should expect exclusive entertainment, a private chef, and complimentary drinks! Sign Me Up! events are ticketed, and limited guests are permitted. Upscale attire is required to attend. MASKS ARE REQUIRED!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

A Star was born


Cary Thompson

Food has been my passion—my love language—since I was sixteen. Watching people’s eyes light up because of a connection I helped make through a spark of their taste buds has shown me my calling. 

Through kitchen experiences with various spices, people, and languages, my specialization, Southern Fusion — a mixture of southern cuisines and global elements of world food cultures — was birthed. If you are a Capricorn or an Aquarius, experience Southern Fusion with me  Jan 30th! SignMeUp!

@ChefCary T

10th , January 

Dallas, TX

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Jaid Taylor

Just Train First began in 2013 by me taking my own personal health more seriously. Oftentimes, health in the African American community isn’t packaged or taught in a relatable way, thus, persisting problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol continually claim the lives of aunties, big mamas, and little cousins. As I trained my own body, I gained a client, and the rest is history! My services don’t stop in the black community, as it is my goal to also provide twenty-second century performance training habits for young athletes. It is vital to provide young Arkansans with the competitive edge that other states such as Texas and California have in regards to sports science and training, and I plan on continually being a part of the driving force to this innovative health culture. Aquarius and Capricorn, be sure to sign up for #SignMeUp! And meet me @thespot January 30th!


10th , January 

Little Rock, AR

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12th , January 


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Andre Pendleton

Jingle Mingle began as an impromptu event eleven years ago after Little Rock natives returned home during the holidays and needed a centralized location to hang out and reconnect. Originally, urbanites gathered at my house, but that didn’t last long. The word spread that the function was indeed popping, and Jingle Mingle has been a hit since! People’s anticipation grew so much around Jingle Mingle, which happens on the same date every year—December 23rd—that there became a need for a spring event, thus, Creme De La Creme was born. I believe influence is a way to positively connect people, and I’m excited to use my being as a social lite for Sign Me Up!

Fellow Capricorn and Aquarius, join me January 30th @thespot! #SignMeUp!


16th , January 

Little Rock, AR

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Whitney T.Smith

Her love for residential design as a young impressionable designer was influenced by often accompanying her mother as she coordinated and designed decor for numerous weddings, events and seasonal updates to her own home as a favorite pastime and not to mention weekly family excursions to the furniture store.  

While working part-time at a local real-estate agency, her passion and desire to create and design gorgeous living spaces for her clients ignited her to pursue this with a fervor that continues to drive her.  As fate would have it, she began working as an appraisal apprentice where that fire was stoked all the more with the transformation of newly renovated properties creating an intriguing interest that unequivocally evolved into a passion for Whitney. This passion prompted her to seek a renovator mentor-ship to learn the process of successful home renovations which resulted in her becoming  a founding partner and real estate investor in her own residential development company. 


4th , January 

Little Rock, AR

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