Where is Jen?

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hi! I'm back! I know it's been a minute however, this was a break that was well needed. Many asked "why are not posting?" "You should do this or you should do that." But, I wasn't to sure if I should be doing anything. Before quarantine hit I was somewhat already social distancing and had slowed down. Early in the year, the first week to be exact, I experienced the emotions of what others felt when the Covid-19 first happened. A lot things were not going as planned and at one point I felt like everything could be stripped away from me. It was a lot of back to back issues, I even lost my Instagram. Didn't realize how much I would miss it until it was gone. Losing that made me feel like I wasn't connected to the world. So many people I had met along the way were not easily accessible anymore. Although I had Facebook, it was a different feeling being on IG vs Facebook. Through all of this I still found myself remaining faithful and kept everything cool. I prayed about it and said "oh well I guess it's time for me to work harder." Literally within a week all of my problems were solved and back to normal. Now I'm not going to lie, if this would've happen a couple years ago I would’ve been pulling my hair out. lol or crawling on the floor like I've lost my keys or something lol (thank GOD for smart keys) At this point you're probably wondering WTH does this have to do with where you are? Well, it has a lot to where I am mentally. Where you are mentally can sometimes determine where you are physically. Mental health is the most important thing in our life and can also be the least important as well. We tend to put our job, an individual etc over our mental health. Sticking around in unhealthy situations and allowing negative energy control our emotions, which sometime controls our future. On this blog, I will talk more about my journey and different things I've dealt with over the years. Hopefully I will inspire others to be more open or let someone know that you're not alone. With God you can overcome anything.

In my early childhood, I experienced and seen a lot of things that had a lot of influence over my life. However, I made sure I would not be a product of my environment, well physically. Not so much mental. What I mean by this is yes, I accomplished a lot, however, I was still holding on to the past. Which mentally can drain you. I thought if I wasn't expressing it then I wasn't dwelling on it. WRONG!!! I was and it took me years for me to realize it. Ended up being depressed etc. One day I finally decided if want to grow physically I have to grow mentally. To grow mentally you have to become spiritually connected. The first step was acknowledging the hurt with God and then actually seeking someone to talk over it with. I scheduled an appointment with a therapist and everything started to unfold. The good and the bad, I will talk about more of this later. However, being in Quarantine, literally sparked a little of the emotions I had been dealing over the time. I just knew I had healed from these things. But in reality, God still had more for me to do in order to fully heal. Which is what I'm doing now, writing and sharing with you guys. Look, I am not a writer. I literally was a C average or below when it came to reading and writing. I'm always saying and spelling words wrong ALL THE TIME! lol I don't know what I'm going to do when I get old. lol Hopefully my husband will be sharp, because ya girl, whew. Sometimes I wonder! lol This is clearly one of my weakness, but God see the need to utilize this rusty part of my brain.

Quarantine was different, scary because of the unknown, however, I put a lot of my energy into God, seeking more of his word, not worrying about the world. I knew that if I put him first, I could make it through anything. So I'm here today, the last week of Mental Health Month sharing this new hobby of mines with you guys. I will be discussing more about fear, loneliness, neglect, faith, trust, love, forgiveness, and insecurities. Digging deeper into each topic, explaining my experience and how I was able to deal with them.

Hopefully, this post will inspire others to start a new hobby or become more spiritually connected. Most importantly put more energy into their mental health. Well, that's all folks, until next time! I know that was a random ending, but I don't have anything else to say today. lol


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