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Sign Me Up! is a series of upscale social events created to display people's talents and gifts through their zodiac signs. We will host exclusive themed parties for birth signs every other month for a limited amount of people. Guests for this month's event will receive first invites for our next event as appreciation for celebrating with us!

On Dec 11th,2021 we will have our 6th  finale Sign Me Up of the year! with the hottest, most talented Scorpio & Sagittarius IN THE CITY by celebrating their birthdays! 

Guests should expect exclusive entertainment, food, and refreshments! Sign Me Up! Events are ticketed, and limited guests are permitted. This is an upscale attire  event. 

Scorpio & Sagittarius  SHINING STARS

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Robbie Stewart

Robbie is an event Designer that LOVE all things glam!!! Her creativity and eclectic flair, matched with her attention to detail enhance my ability to thoughtfully attend to and incorporate even the most intricate details into your event day. Whether a birthday party or a wedding,  she believe that it should be an experience that even your dreams would be envious of.  Not only does she  love creating custom designs, coordinating, and collaborating with clients, but Robbie loves to make their hearts smile and know that she has added a memorable moment in their lives. She work with vendors and clients to create their dream experience while maintaining their target budget and being resourceful. Her biggest competition has always been with self, so she challenge Herself with each event to get on set and produce a timeless EXPERIENCE.  


2th ,December

Dallas, TX

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27th ,November

Little Rock ,AR

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Chad Mackey

Chad is the head of Smackey’s BBQ, creating delicious dishes for everything from a daycare center to Baptist Hospital and the Entergy power plant in White Hall, to special events and private dinners across Central Arkansas. Fueled by ambition, his culinary repertoire has expanded far beyond Southern specialties to encompass steak, seafood, Asian and Mediterranean dishes, that also form the basis of a meal-prep service for a fast-growing number of clients.


18th ,November

Little Rock, AR

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Darius Walton





1st ,December

Little Rock ,AR

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Wesley Peters

Wesley is an author, music and business writer. As the Vice President of Conducting Creativity, he leads programming around literacy, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also a literary and political consultant and has established himself in the city as such. 


21st ,November

Little Rock, AR

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Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell grew up in Eastview Terrace apartments and Southwest Little Rock, however, she spent most of her childhood at William E. Thrasher Boys and Girls Club.  She is a product of both Little Rock School District and Pulaski County Special School District.  Melissa has worked locally in education, youth services, reentry, and workforce development for ten-plus years from client-facing roles to administrative leadership.  She attributes her connection to service to both her parents, Monroe Mitchell, Jr. and Anita Mitchell; as well as her godfather, Luther Paul Armstrong, Sr.  Her parents were former administrators of Charles Bussey CDC, a child development center for children with disabilities funded by Pathfinder, Inc. and her godfather was the director of Thrasher Boys and Girls Club. Her desire to serve stemmed from personal mentorship void as a child and community void as an adult.  


After several years of community engagement, project management, and business process improvement,  Melissa transitioned to operations, strategic planning, and impact consulting assisting non-profit organizations and social enterprises to organize, scale, and maximize their services.


She will be launching Next Stop Loading, a lifestyle podcast, in January 2022!


Favorite Quote:  “If I can help somebody as I travel (pass) along, if I can help (cheer) somebody with a word or a song, if I can help (show) somebody from doing wrong (he is traveling wrong), then my living shall not be in vain.”  -Mahalia Jackson (Alma B. Androzzo-songwriter)




29th ,October

Little Rock ,AR

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Virgo & Libra


Tiffany Brown

Tiffany graduate of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR majored in Radio/TV Production with a minor in Marketing. Upon graduation she started her own small video production company, TB Productions. She currently works at Saint Mark Baptist Church as the Technical Director. Tiffany is passionate about helping others succeed and traveling. I Love to travel and I have been to numerous countries. I’m well versed in media technology and highly regarding my expertise.


8th ,October

Little Rock, AR

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Dayvsnn, formerly known as Davison is an Arkansas native who competed as a finalist on Emmy Award winning show  The Voice season 14 

Dayvsnn released his first single “Tragedy” in March 2020 and later released another single and ringtone “Streets Calling Me” gaining millions of views across social media. Dayvsnn currently resides in Frisco, Texas working on new music while writing for other National Recording artist.





14th ,October


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Gavin Le'nard

Arkansas's very own Gavin Le'nard was content with only listening to music until the rough tides of adolescence battered him into creating music. Nearly two decades later, Gavin is still very much the introspective creator he was pushed to be, and is eager to share his experiences with the world through his music.





8th, September

Little Rock,AR

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Tamara Bates

Tamara Bates is a captivating community voice who speaks out on social responsibility and equity across the United States' southern region. She is an organizer at heart who is not shy when addressing social justice issues and flawed policies that impact everyday people. Bates is the Principal of the Rock AR Vote voter engagement initiative, which focuses on civic education and community engagement through Arkansas. 


Bates is a proud graduate of Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Civic engagement and outreach work became a driving passion for her throughout Arkansas. Although Bates is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, she soon made Arkansas her home to find her voice in the community. An organizer with a love for community development, Bates has worked in politics on the local, state, and federal levels. In 2016, she contributed to the outreach efforts to support the Democratic Party of Florida's data-driven and metrics-based program to mobilize voters. Also, she served as Co-Director for Woke Vote during the historic Senate runoff victory election in Georgia. 


Bates is currently a graduate student at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is a proud member of one of the nation's leading women's organizations, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Bates is known for being in the intersection of social justice and bold in her choice of fashion.


1st ,September

Nashville, TN

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Carlos Carpnter

I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist, CEO of Carpenter Express Logistics Company, President of Carpenter Medical Group Medical Marijuana, COO of Carpenter's Produce, and COO of Carpenter's Farms Hemp Company. Carpenter's Produce is a family owned business where we grow over 1,500 acres of produce and ship all across the United States. Carpenter's Farms Hemp Company provides premium CBD & CBG on our 200 acres of land.


My Virgo energy displays in the many hats I wear. While I am a very meticulous thinker, I’m also a person who doesn’t mind taking on tasks so long as I can see the benefits. I am a Black Hall of Fame Inductee, Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductee, attended UAPB, real estate investor and a promoter for top tier events for more than a decade across the southern region. That’s big Virgo energy!


21st ,September

Little Rock, AR

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Marti Smith

Chef/Owner of Taste Of The States Catering

I’ve been in the culinary industry for 18 years.
Passion for me is creating a dish and seeing my guests enjoying and raving about it. Seeing their eyes grow and mouth water brings me pure joy. My creativity with different dishes is what makes my skill set unique. The way I pair different cultures and spices together separates me from the pack.

Being a Virgo is all about standing apart. That Virgo energy is all over my presentation—from the flare, to the taste—being a Virgo is all about being hyper-aware of EVERYTHING. When I’m in the kitchen—when I present my cuisines—guests can definitely taste all that goodness!





17th, September

Little Rock,AR

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Jonathan Nunn

Like a true Virgo, Jonathan is hard working, intelligent, and adventurous.


Jonathan is an IT Executive and serial entrepreneur that resides in Little Rock, Arkansas.    Jonathan is a prominent figure in the Central Arkansas special events industry as founder and owner of Klassik Entertainment, an AV-DJ-Lighting-Photo booth company that has performed services for over 500+ events over the last 8 years.  


Jonathan additionally is the principal of Nunn Development Group Inc, which is a firm focused on infill development projects within Little Rock.


Jonathan has a passion for community and economic development; he is a member of several civic boards and regularly volunteers with NSBE and LRSD at career events.  Jonathan is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc.





3th, September

Little Rock,AR

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Nicholas Harris

When you think of  the phrase Jack of all trades then Nick Harris should come to mind.


Nick is a man of many hats. He has been a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for the past 7 years, a musician and singer and one of the hottest bands in the state SYNRG, a special events DJ and Emcee and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc.


Nicholas additionally is a managing partner for FOHR Business Solutions LLC,  a small business consulting group focusing on Finance, Operations, & Human Resources!


Nick is passionate about giving back to the community from which he came by promoting Entrepreneurship and financial literacy to families in the inner city!


Nick’s passion, intellect, work ethic, and overall swag truly embodies the meaning of Virgo energy!!


21st ,September

Little Rock, AR

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Jennifer Missouri


23rd ,September

Little Rock, AR

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Taurus & Gemini SHINING STARS 


2021 Shining stars


King Honey Dazzmin

Dazzmin is a full-time music producer, photographer, and performing artist, working between Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, GA, & Arkansas. Dazzmin’s goal is to continue to gather information, resources, and solutions to bring back to her hometown in order to encourage and assist emerging artists, locally and regionally.-respected for his immense attention to detail.


21st , August

Little Rock,AR

  • Instagram

DJ Dooley

Dj Dooley  been professionally Dj’ing the past four years. The key to being a smooth mixologist is being able to transition and mix without mistake. My Leo energy allows me to be the life of the party and relate to the people with perfect song choices.




8th ,August

Little Rock, AR

  • Instagram

Cara Boyd-Connors

Cara Boyd Connors is an experienced attorney, who has built a career hallmarked by serving individual and governmental clients with skill and integrity. Cara Boyd Connors was born and raised in Memphis, TN and began her college career at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas in 2002, where she majored in Politics and minored in Africana Studies. While attending college at Hendrix, she studied abroad a semester in Oxford, England at St. Peter’s College where she conducted a comparative analysis between the American and British political systems. In 2006, Cara entered law school at the Williams H. Bowen School of Law at UALR, and she is now licensed to practice law in Tennessee and Arkansas.


24th , July

Little Rock,AR

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Kendra Pruitt

Kendra K. Pruitt is an attorney and Senior Advisor to Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. of Little Rock. In addition, during law school, Kendra founded a nonprofit, Club RESTORE, to give back to her hometown of Newport and other communities.



Kendra believes that our greatest calling is to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Accordingly, through her work and charity, Kendra works with people from all walks of life to seek solutions, overcome obstacles, and ultimately improve their quality of life.



Kendra has received various awards, including “20 to Watch,” “Finest Young Professional,” and most recently being named “40 under 40” by Arkansas Business. This notoriety and her desire to make a difference keeps Kendra busy throughout her communities, as she is often called upon to speak or host various events, including her very own “Wakanda Forever” and “Girl Talk.” In her spare time, Kendra enjoys taking vacations, eating great food, and spending time with loved ones.

@Kendra Pruitt

11th , August

Little Rock,AR

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Catrice Wilbon

Catrice has been an affluent graphic designer for the past thirteen years. Her passion for the creative sphere led her to birthing Heart and Soles, a nonprofit focused on producing unique communal activities centered around giving back name brand shoes to the less fortunate. Catrice uses her Leo energy to amplify and drive her creativity, tenacity and confidence.


23th , July

Little Rock,AR

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Dr. Gashen Humphrey

Gashen has been a Clinical Pharmacist for four years. The skills utilized in her career have been extremely beneficial in creating her passion project, Mae’s Prodigy, Inc., a line of natural products for hair care. “Growing through transitions in life is key,” Gashen says.

“As a Leo, being fierce, bold and great at what I do has elevated me to new levels while also intimidating many. This lion energy has allowed me to grow as a leader and be honest with myself as I recognize my evolving strengths and weaknesses.”


14th , August

Little Rock,AR

  • Instagram

Broderick Bozeman

Broderick has been an affluent graphic designer  and Representative for Rock City Kicks for the many years. His passion for the creative sphere led her to birthing many different endeavors such as KRTVD a design agency, Arkanasocks and many more. Broderick uses his Cancer energy to amplify and drive his creativity, tenacity and style for different brands. 


25th , June

Little Rock,AR

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Taurus & Gemini SHINING STARS 

Tarus & Gemini
2021 Shining stars

The link up-2.png

Vontifany Smith

Vontifany Smith is the CEO and Founder of Vontifany Smith Inc., LLC also known as Vonnie Speaks. She is a Highly qualified and sought-after speaker and facilitator with a Stylish Flare!

Vonnie has crafted her training and facilitation style to Empower, Inspire, and Motivate participants to engage in learning that is Vibrant! Exciting! And Impactful! She is certified to facilitate for personal and professional development for individuals or organizations focusing on key factors such as: Leadership Development, Motivation & Team Building, and Conflict Resolutions.


4th , MAY

Little Rock,AR

  • Instagram

Artez Irvin

Artez Irvin a renowned photographic artist who has earned national acclaim for his Editorial, lifestyle and fashion images. Artez's infatuation with the visual arts began at the age of 16, after he directed his first photoshoot. Even with a disposable camera, Artez's “eye” and talent were undeniable. Since then, his style has evolved and he is well-respected for his immense attention to detail.


26th , MAY

Little Rock,AR

  • Instagram

DJ Xavier 

Dj Xavier was co-founder and owner of In His Presence Productions, Inc., a Christian production company.  While searching for a DJ for his upcoming wedding, Xavier was offered the opportunity to utilize his gifts, talents, and skills as a DJ for the largest entertainment company in Arkansas.  Xavier currently DJs close to 100 events per year and prides himself in creating memorable moments be it a wedding or a major corporate event.




28th , May

Little Rock, AR

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Pisces & Aries
2021 Shining stars

sign ISLAND VIBEZ-8.png

view gallery from our last event

4E0A5270copy copy.jpg

Ally Lynn

Ally Washington, aka Ally Lynn, is a multi-talented MMJ, TV Lifestyles Reporter, and award-winning radio personality packed with fun, flair & sass!  Ally is a Freelance Entertainment Reporter for both FOX46 Charlotte and FOX5 Atlanta. Ally got her start while in college at 90.7 The Capstone, a student-run college station in Tuscaloosa. If you are a Pisces or Aries, experience Island Vibes with me March 20th! SignMeUp!


13th , March

Little Rock,AR

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4E0A1211copy copy.jpg

Nick Hud 

Producing positive vibes with his love for music and creative styles of mixing, Nicholas Hudson, better known as DJ Nick Hud to many of his growing fans and followers, is one of the few DJs out there whose goal is to elevate the party experience to as dope as possible. With his ability to command the crowds on the dance floor and advanced classic dj techniques, he always reaches that goal. Piseces & Aries, be sure to sign up for #SignMeUp! And meet me @thespot March 20th!


13th , March

Little Rock, AR

  • Instagram

Mia Banks

Mia Banks is a small-town millennial from the South and a resource for all things beauty, pop culture, and everyday motivation. Mia, known for her witty, down-to-earth, alluring personality, has transcended onto social media. She merges her media and makeup talents to teach #theblackgirlnextdoor how to master her beauty routine to look and feel her best.


Recognized within her local market as “HustlHER of the Year,” she has ten years of retail beauty and on-air radio experience, enabling her to connect best with her audience. Her animated and inspirational information is inimitable, making her ideal for product launches, advertising campaigns, or live/virtual events. Her mantra is simple: “Slay every day with passion, purpose, and persistence because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you become great!”


1st , April

Little Rock,AR

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4E0A5135copy copy.jpg

Gerald Thomas

Since 2013, Gerald D.Thomas has worked with emerging artist and luxury brands, corporations, beauty brands, non-profits, and high profile individuals to help them achieve their strategic public relations and communications objectives across a broad range of interest.

Gerald D. Thomas professional areas include Event Planning, Beauty, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, and social media marketing. Gerald is a tailor of culture and embrace taking risks. Result driven, innovative, and resourceful. He works hard, fights fair and deliver each and every time. 

Gerald D. Thomas is also a rising public speaker. In May 2015 Gerald was recognized by Examiner for paving a pathway to success for young Black men. He was ranked by LinkedIn as one of the Top 50 Public Relations Professionals in 2016 and a 3x award winning publicist.




27th, March

Little Rock,AR

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4E0A5997copy copy.jpg

Kay Pee

KayPee grew up in Conway, Arkansas and has been making music since she was a little girl in . At church, her mom was the praise team leader with her brother and step-dad alongside her playing the drums and guitar, so it was only right that she sang along to their tune. She said that singing is her way to express herself while using her God given talent. She’s inspired mostly by her mom, Marcia, who was the first singer she admired. Famous inspirations include Kim Burrell, Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, Jhene Aiko and Beyonce. 

Her goal is to make her listeners' mood change. “Music is way more than just words and a beat -- it’s healing, it’s magical,” she said. KayPee creates contemporary R&B music that paints pictures that everyone can relate to even if they haven’t experienced that exact situation. She wants her music to bring comfort and vibes to others in a way that makes it timeless.


5th, March

Little Rock,AR

  • Instagram

BK Simmons

Bjorn BK Simmons is a venture catalyst, serial entrepreneur and champion for inclusive innovation. A native of Arkansas, BK is a nationally recognized startup founder, investor and strategist. He’s worked with world class organizations like the Walton Family Foundation, Procter & Gamble and Disney. He’s raised millions of dollars as an entrepreneur and recently exited his first startup, Wyzerr. BK recently returned to Arkansas in order to assist in building a thriving community for entrepreneurs of color. He is the CEO of his consulting firm, SimmCO, chairman of the board for diversity and inclusion at the Walton College of Business, and is getting ready to launch the Minority Business Xcellerator (MBX) at the Center for Inclusive Innovation. BK is a God fearing Pisces that is invested in people. He lives by the quote, “Success is not about what you obtain, but who you become.” Learn more about BK at


27th, February

Little Rock,AR

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Capricorn & Aquarious
2021 Shining stars


view gallery from our last event


Cary Thompson

Food has been my passion—my love language—since I was sixteen. Watching people’s eyes light up because of a connection I helped make through a spark of their taste buds has shown me my calling. 

Through kitchen experiences with various spices, people, and languages, my specialization, Southern Fusion — a mixture of southern cuisines and global elements of world food cultures — was birthed. If you are a Capricorn or an Aquarius, experience Southern Fusion with me  Jan 30th! SignMeUp!

@ChefCary T

10th , January 

Dallas, TX

  • Instagram

Jaid Taylor

Just Train First began in 2013 by me taking my own personal health more seriously. Oftentimes, health in the African American community isn’t packaged or taught in a relatable way, thus, persisting problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol continually claim the lives of aunties, big mamas, and little cousins. As I trained my own body, I gained a client, and the rest is history! My services don’t stop in the black community, as it is my goal to also provide twenty-second century performance training habits for young athletes. It is vital to provide young Arkansans with the competitive edge that other states such as Texas and California have in regards to sports science and training, and I plan on continually being a part of the driving force to this innovative health culture. Aquarius and Capricorn, be sure to sign up for #SignMeUp! And meet me @thespot January 30th!


10th , January 

Little Rock, AR

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12th , January 


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4E0A9812copy copy.jpg

Andre Pendleton

Jingle Mingle began as an impromptu event eleven years ago after Little Rock natives returned home during the holidays and needed a centralized location to hang out and reconnect. Originally, urbanites gathered at my house, but that didn’t last long. The word spread that the function was indeed popping, and Jingle Mingle has been a hit since! People’s anticipation grew so much around Jingle Mingle, which happens on the same date every year—December 23rd—that there became a need for a spring event, thus, Creme De La Creme was born. I believe influence is a way to positively connect people, and I’m excited to use my being as a social lite for Sign Me Up!

Fellow Capricorn and Aquarius, join me January 30th @thespot! #SignMeUp!


16th , January 

Little Rock, AR

  • Instagram

Whitney T.Smith

Her love for residential design as a young impressionable designer was influenced by often accompanying her mother as she coordinated and designed decor for numerous weddings, events and seasonal updates to her own home as a favorite pastime and not to mention weekly family excursions to the furniture store.  

While working part-time at a local real-estate agency, her passion and desire to create and design gorgeous living spaces for her clients ignited her to pursue this with a fervor that continues to drive her.  As fate would have it, she began working as an appraisal apprentice where that fire was stoked all the more with the transformation of newly renovated properties creating an intriguing interest that unequivocally evolved into a passion for Whitney. This passion prompted her to seek a renovator mentor-ship to learn the process of successful home renovations which resulted in her becoming  a founding partner and real estate investor in her own residential development company. 


4th , January 

Little Rock, AR

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